Chief of Staff

He was born in 1979. 

In 2000, he received a bachelor degree in Philology from the Baku State University, in 2004 a master's degree in international business from the Faculty of Business Administration organized by the State University of Georgia (USA) in collaboration with the Odlar Yurdu University.

He has held various positions in the Foreign Investments Department of the State Oil Company since 1997, since 2007 he has been the Executive Director of the Association of Azerbaijan Insurers, since 2008 worked in the insurance and banking system, as well as in the field of insurance and medical risk management in several foreign countries.

Since 2011, he has been Deputy Head of the Department at the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and since 2013 - Deputy Head of International Projects at the same Ministry.

From August 2018 to the current position he has been Adviser to the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population.