Civil Service

According to the Article 28.1 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the “Recruitment to the civil service”, recruitment to the civil service is based on the competition. The competition consists of test examination and interview.

In accordance with the classification collection of the administrative and auxiliary positions under the State Examination Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for the recruitment to the civil service in the first-fifth categories of governmental agencies (except the representatives of local executive powers, bodies and administrative offices under the local executive powers), and in the first-seventh classification of the administrative positions, test examinations are conducted at least once in a month.

On the basis of civil service positions, already used test items are conducted in accordance with below mentioned groups:

A Class – positions of administrator (governance);

AA group;

AB group;

AC group

B Class- positions of administrative executor;

BA group

BB group

Tests that will be used in the exams have following types:

Close ended questions- requiring choosing only one correct answer from the answer options;

Open ended questions- do not have answer options and require writing a response with text

Freely-answered Essay questions

Test-takers, who want to attend the exam, must create online personal cabinet, and test-takers will receive electronic notification that approves his/her registration, and memory guide covers the rights and responsibilities of registered candidate are sent to test-takers.

The location and date of the recruitment test in which it will be conducted is determined by the Center, and information about it is placed on the portal at least 5 days prior to examination. The Center places acceptance letter to exam containing information about the candidate’s participation in the test and candidate can receive it by printing it.

Candidate can participate in the test by presenting his/her identity card and acceptance letter to exam.

Based on the decision of the Center, exam is conducted on the computer or paper.

Depending on the content of the exam (the type and number of the test questions given to test-takers) the duration of exam is determined by the Center and by taking into account the following rules:

1 minutes and 30 seconds for each close ended question

2 minutes for each open ended question

30 minutes for each essay questions

Candidate’s answers are assessed based on the following rules:

1 point for correct answer of close ended question, 0 points for incorrect answer or no answer.

2 points for correct answer of open ended question, 0 points for incorrect answer or no answer.

0-30 points for essay type questions depending on the quantity, structure, perspective and logic of answer, the creativity, argumentation, vocabulary, originality and the style demonstrated in the paper, and following the grammar rules, 0 points for failure to answer.

The results of the test examination are placed on the portal.

Successful candidates get a certificate about their pass from exam in accordance with classification collection of the administrative and auxiliary positions. The certificates will be eligible for 5 years. Successful candidate can get several certificates based on the civil service positions.

Those who have eligible certificates from the civil service recruitment test can attend the interview. Candidates who want to take part in the interview should ask to governmental agencies to which civil service positions belong within 30 days from the day of the announcement of the interview via Portal of the Center.

Interview will be held within 30 days after submission of documents.

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