Labour Pension for Disability

The disability pension is assigned to an insured person for a mental or physical disability due to illness or injury. The disability groups, the reasons for the disability or limitation of health conditions of persons under 18 years old, as well as the duration of disability are determined by the medical and social expert commissions in accordance with legislation.

Disability pensions for the persons with 1st group disability are entitled if there is a 4-month insurance experience for each full year of working age, with a minimum of five years of insurance. Disabled people of II and III disability pensions are defined when there is an insurance experience specified in this article, provided that pension capital registered in the insurance part of the individual account allows the retirement benefit not less than the minimum pension amount.

Starting from 2019 has been introduced electronic appointment of labour pensions for disability. The disability pensions are determined electronically without appealing anywhere and without submitting a document. In case of person with disability has a pension right, he / she will be informed about it by sms, e-mail or official letter (including the amount of the pension, bank branch and time of receipt of the bank card).

For military servicemen with disability, including disabled persons of 1st group of  caused by war from the category of military servicemen of the term active military service (except military servicemen and other permanent military servicemen deprived of military ranks) have right to Labour pension regardless of their service period, disability servicemen or discharged after being discharged from service, but as a result of illness or injury during the service period (injury, trauma, contusion).

The amount of the insurance part of the Labour pension for disability is determined by the following formula:

SH = PSK / (TxK), there:

SH - an insurance part of a Labour pension for disability;

PSK - Pension fund registered in the insurance part of the personal account of an insured person on the date of appointment of a Labour pension (including the pension capital registered in the insurance part of the personal account of the insurer in accordance with Article 27 of the Law);

T - is the number of months of expected retirement payment;

K - Insurance coverage coefficient. The insurance coverage ratio is defined as the ratio of disability pensions to 192 for disability after July 1, 2017.