Rules of participating in self-employment program

Participation in self-employment program consists of several stages.

First of all, it is necessary to register in the local bodies of the State Employment Service under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan (city, district employment centers).

The Ministry identifies persons registered by the employment agencies as unemployed or looking for a job with potential ability to set up self-employment activity and involve them in one-month training courses on business organization.

Participants in the trainings conducted by trainers, trained by the International Labor Organization's chief trainer, gain the necessary knowledge and skills related to the organization of business activities. Attendees after finishing training course and evaluation process of their business plans are provided with assets to organize self-employment activities according to the types of economic activities they select. These assets are issued in kind on a contractual basis for 2 (two) years in form of material, equipment and other property.

After providing assets, program participants are provided with appropriate advice on business management and development, and self-employment is monitored for 2 years.

In the end of the contract if activity of the program’s participant is considered to be in accordance with the business plan presented, the property is transferred to the property of that person.